Do you care?

15 Dec

You might think that you are a bad person,
like mostly everything around you seems to show you that you are a bad person,
people call you, they ask about your news,
but you never call anyone.

Why would you be mean?
Are you really mean if you think about what you did and
mortify yourself over it?
Well, if you really did things that you would mortify yourself over,
then they are bad things, and you are a bad person.

Then back to the question, why are you?
is it because you enjoy it, or it just comes like that?
Is it maybe because you feel like people wouldn’t care about you,
so you end up not caring about them either?

Well, if that’s the case,
Then man up or woman up whoever you are,
and stop being a pussy.
People have showed that they care about you,
so go out there and care about people.

Or is it because you simply can’t feel that pull to care about people?That is usually not true because in life, you will always find one person that you care about.
So shift that to other people as well.

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Posted by on December 15, 2015 in small thoughties



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