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Speak up your mind

I am tired of being the nice person that asks people about their whereabouts,
get them to talk about their pains, but none really does make me talk about it.

I know there are people that have tried to do it, and most of the times, or maybe
even all of the time, i have dismissed it and acted like they are being too
indiscret and too much entering into my life.

Well, i am going to start recognizing those people, get them again close to me.
And whoever doesn’t do it to me, there is no need to linger there and take care of

I know. It sounds selfish. Would God approve of it? Would God want me to always
care about other people, and not wait in return for what i have given them?
I don’t know, but I know that he would want me to be humble.

So i am going to pray that he makes me know what he wants me to do about that.
And in the mean time, i am going to be humble, and do it only when I see that
that person needs it.

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Words are just words

Words are just words.
That is what you would say when someone has been promising you the world,
Cliché as it may sound,
The world means many different things to people,
To me it meant that love,
That crazy love that never dies,
Those complice moments that will never end,
But mostly that you will understand me as i was understanding you.
The perfect love that you always talked about.

But yeah, words are just words.
You are promised, but you are given different things.
So you start to cope with it.

But, words are not just words.
They destroy, they build.
In vain or intentional, they destroy
No words, actions or intentional; it builds

So words are not just words.
You just have to know not to trust them, even though you trust what that person is telling you.
Is that even possible?
Hm yeah, it can.
You can trust 50% or 80% of what s/he is telling you. 😁

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Learn to Value Yourself, Which Means: Fight for Your Happiness – Ayn Rand –

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You need yourself

Need for self –

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Long gone happiness

You are my happiness,
And you were depriving me from it,
Why wouldn’t I associate you with bad?
So I told you bad words,
I insulted you,
I thank God I didn’t tell you all the bad stuff that were in my head,
They were so many,
I would have regretted it badly afterwards,
But I felt so betrayed, so abandonned!

I was being selfish,
I was forgetting what you were going through
Its only that I wanted to be besides you,
And you were pushing me away!

I m sorry for what I did, what I said,
And it was only adding to the burden you were already having
I am really selfish
I am sorry love.

But I know that i can’t stop thinking about you,
I will remember the words you tell me,
And I will be here for you.

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I can’t say Why Oh God?

Pour ma part,
I can’t say ‘Why Oh God?’
I know why oh God,
I do remember all the bad stuff i ve done
And i ask you to forgive me oh God,
I know you have forgiven me,
But i know that one must face the consequences of her/his actions.

So God,please help these persons that are suffering oh God,
They have suffered enough,
Give them strength, please God
And deliver them from their pain.
I pray and I believe.

But I know that I am asking that
Because their pain affects me too,
I know this is egocentric,
Hah i am sorry God,
So use me to your glory and to their deliverance oh God.

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