Words are just words

18 Jan

Words are just words.
That is what you would say when someone has been promising you the world,
Cliché as it may sound,
The world means many different things to people,
To me it meant that love,
That crazy love that never dies,
Those complice moments that will never end,
But mostly that you will understand me as i was understanding you.
The perfect love that you always talked about.

But yeah, words are just words.
You are promised, but you are given different things.
So you start to cope with it.

But, words are not just words.
They destroy, they build.
In vain or intentional, they destroy
No words, actions or intentional; it builds

So words are not just words.
You just have to know not to trust them, even though you trust what that person is telling you.
Is that even possible?
Hm yeah, it can.
You can trust 50% or 80% of what s/he is telling you. 😁

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Posted by on January 18, 2016 in small thoughties


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