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The dangers of a single story – Chimamanda Adichie

Nothing to add.
Still speechless.

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Spontaneity destroys it all,
Spontaneity is taken for granted,
There should be no spontaneity,
Everything should be calculated beforehand.

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Are you among the people

Are you among the people that, when they are going to say something, spend a lot of time wondering; will this sound cool? Is it the proper response to what I was just told? Is there another cool response I can give?
Well, it all just shows something. We are not living as ourselves. We tell ourselves that we are probably still finding ourselves, but lets face it; if you are reading this, you have your own thinking -meaning, no kids here 😀 – so let those thoughts that you think are stupid, or unworthy out of your system. Let them. That is you. Accept it.
Stop wasting your time, overthinking what cool stuff should come out of your mouth. Let those “unworthy” thoughts get out, they usually are deep, and showcase who you really are. Which you were trying to find out right?
Who knows, your deep thoughts might be more refreshing than the typical, cliché, cool thoughts.

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