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Be yourself

Cliché title right? But still, people can’t be themselves! Well that includes me for sure!

I have always tried to be a better person, improving myself in so many areas. But I have found out that the better person I think I am building is in fact not me. 

When you try improving on yourself, you focus so much on what needs to be done, that you forget to act like you, and it becomes like painting a wall with so many bright colors, that the paint will just peel off by itself with time. 

So when I am telling a person who I am, I end up realizing that; that is not really who I am! That is who I have been building all these years. 

Now now, I am not against improving ourselves, but when you dont act like yourself at all, you won’t get the opportunity to mess up and be solidified by those qualities you are trying to take on.

Like I have always showed myself as this bunch of “features”, that I have forgotten that it is okay to have that other side, the natural one, which is vulnerable and which people can laugh at, which makes me more human, free, and comfortable in my own skin.

I would always hide that other part, but I have chosen to just let it out. I have always written some private posts, afraid of what message it will deliver, what people will think, what it might do in the future, but we are strong when we have stumbled and rose again.

So here is to me being free, here is to me being myself, I am going to publish those private posts from now on.

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Not a slave to perfection!

not-a-slave-to-perfectionWhy do we always want to cover up some things on us?

Trying to hide this part of the neck, another one trying to hide her legs, another one his toes, another one trying to hide a part of their hair!
Seriously, when are we going to accept that we are not perfect, and therefore we will never be perfect?
I am pretty sure there is no one on earth that doesn’t have something they want to change on their body.

Its true that some things can be improved on our bodies, with a little more care, but seriouly, if something can’t change, just let it be. That is your uniqueness.
Who doesnt know that when all things are the same, boredom starts to come? So if we all try to resemble the perfect picture of a human being,-actually, that would never happen, as some end up putting tattoes on their bodies to create something different, others some types of piercing,others different types of clothing, we all want to stand out from the crowd. Even if not done publicly, we want to know that we are unique deep inside.
So what we end up doing is just turn in circles.

Accept that uniqueness of yours, and enjoy it actually!
Hah the funny thing is that, you will find some trending styles that resemble a feature that you had on yourself that you didnt like. For example, some people don’t have much hair on their temples, which is called thinning edges. And recently there was this tremendous trend of cutting all the hair on the temples! Funny right? Just because it is not you who did it intentionaly, it becomes a huge problem.

Another one; I am pretty sure, there was a time, where women were supposed to have very very white finger nails, and if you had nails that weren’t white, you would have to try different things to make them white! But of course, people discovered henna and they could color their nails with it to last months.

Oh oh another one, I used to read old books where a lady was supposed to have a very porcelain like white skin to be considered beautiful. I am talking about white girls here of course. Hm, what about now, if you have a very light skin, most of the times, you are considered odd. And the trend now is to have a tanned skin, how sexy is that, they say!!

So seriously, lets enjoy our uniqueness, and lets avoid saying they are imperfections, because they are perfect in their own way.

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Not about broken hearts only!


Life is not about broken hearts,
It is not about friends that did you wrong.
Life has so many other things to taste…
It has knowledge that awaits to be discovered,
It has new people that need your help without expecting something from them.
It has some excellence that can be achieved in so many fields,
So many books to read,
So many roads to travel to,
So many stories to listen to,
So many new friends to laugh with,
So many people you can find love with!

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Are you among the people

Are you among the people that, when they are going to say something, spend a lot of time wondering; will this sound cool? Is it the proper response to what I was just told? Is there another cool response I can give?
Well, it all just shows something. We are not living as ourselves. We tell ourselves that we are probably still finding ourselves, but lets face it; if you are reading this, you have your own thinking -meaning, no kids here 😀 – so let those thoughts that you think are stupid, or unworthy out of your system. Let them. That is you. Accept it.
Stop wasting your time, overthinking what cool stuff should come out of your mouth. Let those “unworthy” thoughts get out, they usually are deep, and showcase who you really are. Which you were trying to find out right?
Who knows, your deep thoughts might be more refreshing than the typical, cliché, cool thoughts.

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Creativity Is Allowing Yourself to Make Mistakes. Art Is Knowing Which Ones to Keep – Scott Adams

Creativity Is Allowing Yourself to Make Mistakes. Art Is Knowing Which Ones to Keep – Scott Adams –

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Speak up your mind

I am tired of being the nice person that asks people about their whereabouts,
get them to talk about their pains, but none really does make me talk about it.

I know there are people that have tried to do it, and most of the times, or maybe
even all of the time, i have dismissed it and acted like they are being too
indiscret and too much entering into my life.

Well, i am going to start recognizing those people, get them again close to me.
And whoever doesn’t do it to me, there is no need to linger there and take care of

I know. It sounds selfish. Would God approve of it? Would God want me to always
care about other people, and not wait in return for what i have given them?
I don’t know, but I know that he would want me to be humble.

So i am going to pray that he makes me know what he wants me to do about that.
And in the mean time, i am going to be humble, and do it only when I see that
that person needs it.

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