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What I Wasn’t Taught In School – Samuel King

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Culture does not make people. People make culture.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


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We should all be feminists – Adichie

Hm I don’t know where to start from.
This woman said it all, and she said all the stuff that I have in my mind, and that I can never get to form the right words to write about it. Hah, it’s true I speak about it, but I am glad I could find someone who could even speak about it, in such a beautiful way that I am sure everyone will understand her.

It is funny how people would tell you, stop bringing those subjects, stop being a feminist. But what if we do, who would promote our younger sisters, would I be in school today if nobody had talked about it?
Don’t you want your daughters later on to prosper and give a good life to your grand-children?

I loved, oh I loved every part of the video, but I loved where she said that one day, when she was going on the first day of her work, in order to be taken seriously, she dreaded what to wear. So she put on an ugly, manly suit instead of the girly skirt she wanted to wear. I loved it because I used to think like that as well, well I still do, but I am fighting it. I used to think that as a programmer, I had to have a scruffy appearance, that because I am a girl, and it will be easier to other programmers to relate to me, and because that is what other guy programmers usually wear. But recently I had the chance to study with a beautiful, and extremely intelligent girl, that would wear really girly stuff. So no kidding she inspired me. She showed me that I could embrace my femininity and still do what I am good at. No giving shit of what other people will think, cause they always do anyway.

So feminists is not only about balancing the respect between men and women, but it is also about empowering each others as women, but also your sisters if you are a man.

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