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Smile or nah!


Some people just dig all the joy out of you.
You start deciding that you will never smile again, nor joke; that you don’t know the people around you, so you do not have to smile.
But you remember smiling and having joy is what we all crave for, and what makes life beautiful, tolerable. Even though in those moods you just think that being super serious is what will make your life tolerable out here on earth. Then you just decide to never be friendly to them ever again or smile in front of them.

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Words are just words

Words are just words.
That is what you would say when someone has been promising you the world,
Cliché as it may sound,
The world means many different things to people,
To me it meant that love,
That crazy love that never dies,
Those complice moments that will never end,
But mostly that you will understand me as i was understanding you.
The perfect love that you always talked about.

But yeah, words are just words.
You are promised, but you are given different things.
So you start to cope with it.

But, words are not just words.
They destroy, they build.
In vain or intentional, they destroy
No words, actions or intentional; it builds

So words are not just words.
You just have to know not to trust them, even though you trust what that person is telling you.
Is that even possible?
Hm yeah, it can.
You can trust 50% or 80% of what s/he is telling you. 😁

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Do you care?

You might think that you are a bad person,
like mostly everything around you seems to show you that you are a bad person,
people call you, they ask about your news,
but you never call anyone.

Why would you be mean?
Are you really mean if you think about what you did and
mortify yourself over it?
Well, if you really did things that you would mortify yourself over,
then they are bad things, and you are a bad person.

Then back to the question, why are you?
is it because you enjoy it, or it just comes like that?
Is it maybe because you feel like people wouldn’t care about you,
so you end up not caring about them either?

Well, if that’s the case,
Then man up or woman up whoever you are,
and stop being a pussy.
People have showed that they care about you,
so go out there and care about people.

Or is it because you simply can’t feel that pull to care about people?That is usually not true because in life, you will always find one person that you care about.
So shift that to other people as well.

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Pas de principles qui tiennent

Les gens sont fous,

Une personne te dit ceci,

une autre te dit cela,

qui se contredisent!

On pourrai dire qu’il n’y a pas de principes qui tiennent.

Ou bien se rappeler qu’il n y a pas de règles sans exception,

et décider d’être équipé de sagesse.

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Self sabotage occurs when a short term craving overrides your long term desire to achieve your dream!

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You are of great importance to some people.

Don’t think that you are on earth for nothing.

So go out there, and shine in your way.

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Bitterness does not make you better than the person who hurt you, it actually brings you down to their level.

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