Achievers in Rwanda

Let’s root for them. It is for our country.


How this Rwandan potato crisps company wants to compete against Lay’s

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From the Laundry Room

My manuscript is officially late.

I had to send a sad little pleading email to my editor who is far too nice to me.  She graciously gave me until Monday to finish.  As of this morning, that was three extra days.  Three full 24-hour cycles.

So, naturally given this extra time I got right to work.  Maybe I’ll even finish early and surprise her, I said to myself as I made my tea and settled in to create . . . well, a masterpiece.  It was about seven in the morning, everything is a potential masterpiece at that hour.

I was ready, all this extra time. Fingers on home row, I typed  I swear to you when I looked up next it was time for lunch.

But, lest you think I’m a complete late slacker, procrastinator, second rate hack. There was value in my diversion. I found this fabulous picture and this…

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Smile or nah!


Some people just dig all the joy out of you.
You start deciding that you will never smile again, nor joke; that you don’t know the people around you, so you do not have to smile.
But you remember smiling and having joy is what we all crave for, and what makes life beautiful, tolerable. Even though in those moods you just think that being super serious is what will make your life tolerable out here on earth. Then you just decide to never be friendly to them ever again or smile in front of them.

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Not a slave to perfection!

not-a-slave-to-perfectionWhy do we always want to cover up some things on us?

Trying to hide this part of the neck, another one trying to hide her legs, another one his toes, another one trying to hide a part of their hair!
Seriously, when are we going to accept that we are not perfect, and therefore we will never be perfect?
I am pretty sure there is no one on earth that doesn’t have something they want to change on their body.

Its true that some things can be improved on our bodies, with a little more care, but seriouly, if something can’t change, just let it be. That is your uniqueness.
Who doesnt know that when all things are the same, boredom starts to come? So if we all try to resemble the perfect picture of a human being,-actually, that would never happen, as some end up putting tattoes on their bodies to create something different, others some types of piercing,others different types of clothing, we all want to stand out from the crowd. Even if not done publicly, we want to know that we are unique deep inside.
So what we end up doing is just turn in circles.

Accept that uniqueness of yours, and enjoy it actually!
Hah the funny thing is that, you will find some trending styles that resemble a feature that you had on yourself that you didnt like. For example, some people don’t have much hair on their temples, which is called thinning edges. And recently there was this tremendous trend of cutting all the hair on the temples! Funny right? Just because it is not you who did it intentionaly, it becomes a huge problem.

Another one; I am pretty sure, there was a time, where women were supposed to have very very white finger nails, and if you had nails that weren’t white, you would have to try different things to make them white! But of course, people discovered henna and they could color their nails with it to last months.

Oh oh another one, I used to read old books where a lady was supposed to have a very porcelain like white skin to be considered beautiful. I am talking about white girls here of course. Hm, what about now, if you have a very light skin, most of the times, you are considered odd. And the trend now is to have a tanned skin, how sexy is that, they say!!

So seriously, lets enjoy our uniqueness, and lets avoid saying they are imperfections, because they are perfect in their own way.

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Not about broken hearts only!


Life is not about broken hearts,
It is not about friends that did you wrong.
Life has so many other things to taste…
It has knowledge that awaits to be discovered,
It has new people that need your help without expecting something from them.
It has some excellence that can be achieved in so many fields,
So many books to read,
So many roads to travel to,
So many stories to listen to,
So many new friends to laugh with,
So many people you can find love with!

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His eyes weren’t blue but i saw the clouds in them The way dew calms a leaf; his touch did me. And when he smiled, my heart did ballet routines. The only thing is I wish he exists.

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Je te pardonne

I forgive you, you know not what you have done

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