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Be yourself

Cliché title right? But still, people can’t be themselves! Well that includes me for sure!

I have always tried to be a better person, improving myself in so many areas. But I have found out that the better person I think I am building is in fact not me. 

When you try improving on yourself, you focus so much on what needs to be done, that you forget to act like you, and it becomes like painting a wall with so many bright colors, that the paint will just peel off by itself with time. 

So when I am telling a person who I am, I end up realizing that; that is not really who I am! That is who I have been building all these years. 

Now now, I am not against improving ourselves, but when you dont act like yourself at all, you won’t get the opportunity to mess up and be solidified by those qualities you are trying to take on.

Like I have always showed myself as this bunch of “features”, that I have forgotten that it is okay to have that other side, the natural one, which is vulnerable and which people can laugh at, which makes me more human, free, and comfortable in my own skin.

I would always hide that other part, but I have chosen to just let it out. I have always written some private posts, afraid of what message it will deliver, what people will think, what it might do in the future, but we are strong when we have stumbled and rose again.

So here is to me being free, here is to me being myself, I am going to publish those private posts from now on.

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Posted by on November 4, 2016 in change, Improve yourself


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